Brief Biography of Juli Morán

   Juli Morán is a musician and composer from Salamanca, Spain. There he received Classical Training at the Conservatory of Music, where he obtained a Degree in the Specialties of Guitar and Plucked String Instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque [2007]. He is also a Bachelor of Sociology from USAL [2008]. He combined all this with years of precarious jobs and a convulsed life environment while outlining his artistic activity as a member in various musical formations, generally Rock and Heavy Metal, but not exclusively.

Having published 16 albums with various projects, he spent some time developing a modest musical teaching work and has always highlighted his intention to contribute to the cultural enhancement of his city, which has led to several recognitions for his career.

He currently works for the Events Management Company "Pentágono Producciones" and is the founder of the Independent Musical Label "Coitus Interruptus" through which he publishes his releases, makes recordings in his Studio and works as a Producer for other artists. Likewise, he composes synchronies and soundtracks on request for different audiovisual contents.

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